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The world's first and only content-aware data security and management system.  In today's IT environments data is everywhere - yet more than 62% of companies have no idea where their most critical data assets reside.

DataSense's agent-less and content-aware approach results in radically faster, more accurate, scalable, and more adaptive data security than traditional solutions. Using groundbreaking machine learning technologies, DataSense is able to classify data, enforce data policies and actively mitigate data at risk in real-time. 

Massive Dynamic

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

Massive Dynamic

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

Why DataSense?

Centralized index

DataSense automatically extracts and indexes context and insights out structured and unstructured data through artificial intelligence algorithms

Search Engine

The powerful, centralized index together with native search engine provide answers to security and business related questions.

Human Free

DataSense automation saves time and effort. AI-powered data categorization, keyword and entity extraction together with predefined policies deliver ROI from day one.

Policy and Alerts

The out-of-the-box best-practices policies center enable to identify potential risks and alert to the SOC team in real time

Data Fusion

DataSense creates new insights by fusing different data sources such as locating CRM entities in SharePoint documents

Documents and Databases

Most common files types are supported ( PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, etc.) and even CAD and scanned documents. As well as common rational DBs (MSSQL, Oracle, MySql). NoSQL databases, such as Hadoop and MongoDB will be supported soon

Cloud Services

DataSense support most common cloud services including AWS-S3, Office 365, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive - and more

Data Clustering

DataSense suggests new data categories based on AI-Powered document similarity metrics


Our solution is deployed on a centralized virtual appliance. It uses common data management protocols to monitor and enforce data policies remotely

Third Party Integrations

The platform designed to integrate with many of the technologies you’re using today, such as SIEM, DLP, classification tools such as AIP, Boldon James, and more, improving your data protection and increasing your ROI

Compliance Reports

DataSense's reports help to demonstrate compliance to different regulations, such as GDPR, NIST and ISO 27001

Built to Scale

DataSense elastic nodes can effectively scale to monitor and manage petabytes of data

Human-Free.  Agent Less. Comprehensive 


Data Monitoring

DataSense constantly monitors end-points, file repositories, databases and cloud service to detect data at risk


Deep mining algorithms categorize data and extracts content-aware insights


The search engine provides content-aware information and risk overview in real-time


The policy center generates alerts that help mitigate any security and compliance violations in seconds


Out-of-the-box integrations increase the value of existing data tools such as encryption and DLP systems.